We Develop Hit Products

We are deeply entrenched in many consumer and business markets, and this gives invaluable perspective in developing new products which leverage our market insight and competitive advantages.

We Launch and Test Market

Once we've developed a product, we get it to market to get real world feedback. We then iterate the product and adjust our marketing approach until we find a sustainable and commercially sweet spot in the market.

We Run Great Businesses

The products that make it through development and marketing become independent and successful businesses. They benefit from certain shared resources which create market advantage.

We develop products in three core areas:


We own and operate several media businesses. From well developed classified listing sites to advertising networks which support local advertising, our properties leverage a range of shared resources. We have been in the online advertising business for almost 20 years now, and we have developed and launched numerous successful companies in the area.


We develop software applications that are used on the web as a service. Our applications integrate complex API’s, leverage advanced web programming, and are delivered to the end user – either a consumer or business client – in an intuitive workflow and simple design interface that make them easy to use.


We focus on consumer and business products that can be enhanced when delivered through seamless technology. By doing away with paper processes in embedded product categories, for example, we have enhanced the user experience and improved the delivery of services. We master complex workflows, implement technology, and design kickass interfaces.

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